About Measuring Up

The purpose of the state report card is to provide the general public and policymakers with information they can use to assess and improve postsecondary education in each state. Measuring Up 2008 is the fifth in a series of biennial reports.

The report card grades in six overall performance categories:

  • Preparation: How adequately does the state prepare students for education and training beyond high school?
  • Participation: Do state residents have sufficient opportunities to enroll in education and training beyond high school?
  • Affordability: How affordable is higher education for students and their families?
  • Completion: Do students make progress toward and complete their certificates or degrees in a timely manner?
  • Benefits: What benefits does the state receive from having a highly educated population?
  • Learning: What is known about student learning as a result of education and training beyond high school?

Grades compare the current performance of each state with the best performing states, but do not compare with past performance. Key indicators (back page) allow states to compare current performance with past performance.